Principal Welcome

Here at Royal Tots Academy we are focused on children’s learning and achievement. Teachers are experts at establishing and maintaining great relationships with children and parents. Warm effective relationships form the basis of children’s achievement. Happy children learn easily. Learning easily sets children up for success.

The curriculum we provide is an integration of the Indonesian National Curriculum and the International Early Years Curriculum. This means children meet Indonesian National Standards and International Educational Standards.

Both curricula emphasis an Inquiry Approach to education. We encourage children to question, research, be creative, develop critical thinking, become internationally minded and love learning.

Children at RTA develop excellent social skills. They learn to work independently and in groups. We focus on children developing a range of personal attribute like honesty, morality, respect and thoughtfulness. Children communication skills are enriched in three languages- English, Bahsa and Mandarin. We emphasis a child’s development of social skills as the biggest indicator of success in later life at the age of 6 is the sophistication of child’s social skills.

The child’s day is a balance of formal lessons and informal learning – Discovery Time. Discovery time is an hour every day where teachers set up a range of learning experiences designed to enhance children’s social skills, creativity, problem solving and problem identification, critical thinking and focuses on enhancing children’s interests and love of learning. Children are also involved in lessons that are designed to increase their understanding of English, Mandarin, Bahsa [in K1 and K2] and mathematics. Lessons are planned to be active and playful. We believe children learn through hand on activities rather than completing worksheets and listening.

We look forward to meeting you and telling you more about our fantastic school

Hello! Welcome to Royal Tots Academy!

Royal Tots Academy strives to give the best quality education of Early Years Program in Jakarta. Our school is warm, homey and inviting for children to learn.Children are encourage to explore, ask lots of question about the world around them and be supported by teachers who are dedicated in their learning.

I feel that the best education practice is not to spoon feed children’s mind with facts and information, nor is it a race to see how quickly a child can read, write, and count. It is to spark children’s curiosity, to encourage good morals and attitude, to learn how to interact with friends, how to solve problems, and respecting oneself and others as they become global citizens. I feel that this is the atmosphere of our school and what we do here. It is possible because we implement the IEYC and National 2013 curriculum.

What is different and unique about our school? Children have one hour of play based “Discovery Time” where teachers set up the learning environment with invitations for children to explore and teachers become facilitators and extend children’s learnings. We also have formal lessons like math and science and each term we go through a Unit of Learning that is interesting and exciting. We also introduce children in kindergarten level with three language lessons, English, Mandarin, and Bahasa Indonesia.

One famous Indonesian education activist and pioneer, Ki Hajar Dewantara once said, “ing ngarsa sung tulada, ing madya mangun karsa, tut wuri handayan” which translate to “in front aneducator must be a role model, amongst the children an educator has to ignite ideas and creativity, and in the back an educator must give support and encouragement.” I trully believe this what we try to accomplish each day here at Royal Tots Academy.
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