School Entrance

Children can safely move from their car into the school lobby. We have security men that guide the drivers to use the drop off area safely so that all children and parents arriving at school can do so without being hurt. The lobby is a calm welcoming arrival area.


We love that the school has two outdoor areas for the children to play in. We try to have the children outside for a part of the day, every day. Children physical health is supported in many ways when they play outside.


An important aspect of the IEYC learning cycle is Enabling the Environment. Teachers work hard to ensure the classrooms are attractive and are set up with interesting displays and activities.This attention the teacher pay to the classroom environment means that children experience an environment that interest them and engages them in learning.

Movement Room

Our Beautiful Movement Room is used daily by the children for a variety purposes. Children sing and dance here as well as get the opportunity to create huge structures with block and set up complex play situations.


Our school kitchen has all the equipment it needs to provide the children with excellent meals and snacks. We have a trained chief that develops monthly menus that are healthy and tasty. The parents can view the menu at anytime.