Greetings From The Founder

As the mother of her only daughter, Ms. Henny took great care in her role as a parent. She was a hands-on mother, fully investing her time and affection to provide the best for her child, Hillary. Ms. Henny prepared Hillary’s food, took her to school and read her bedtime stories, she raised her daughter by herself, without the help of a nanny. As a parent, seeing your child growing and learning can be one of lifes most rewarding experiences. This is where Ms. Henny’s passion for early childhood education was born. It is in Ms. Hennys firm belief that no child is born inherently bad. But rather, each child is a blank canvas, and the parent is there to help guide their child’s life to form a beautiful and unique masterpiece.


Ms. Henny’s philosophy stems from the belief that children are Gods gift to mankind. They are precious treasures that need attention and care in order to grow and become best that they can be. That responsibility lays with us, parents and teachers alike. Your children, the princes and princesses of Royal Tots Academy, deserve all the best. Ms. Henny has made it her and the Academys mission to help them shine as bright as the stars they are and shoot for the moon.


This belief forms the heart of Royal Tots Academy. At the Academy, we believe that building bonds with our children takes time it will not, and should not, happen overnight. It is through the small everyday things that the true and meaningful learning takes place. The values that we instill in our children kindness, curiosity, and all the essentially traits to making them stars wherever they are were inspired from the little moments our founder, Ms. Henny, shared with her daughter as she first started to walk and talk.


Royal Tots Academy stresses the importance of character-building in early childhood learning, because the foundation of all good learning begins with good character. As Billy Graham once said, When wealth is lost, nothing is lost. When health is lost, something is lost. But when character is lost, all is lost.


From the 15 years of experience in the world of early childhood education, Ms. Henny has discovered that her passion with this line of work stems from her genuine belief that you do your best learning as a child. Like a sponge, you absorb whatever is headed your way, and Ms. Henny built Royal Tots Academy with the goal of it providing the richest and most prosperous environment for any and all children to grow in and learn from. Though it sounds a little idealistic and perfectionistic, this is what the Academy stands for. For Ms. Henny, ensuring your child receives the best education is making the best investment in life.