How Royal Tots achive our Vision and Mission

We develop students with the characteristic to achieve success in the 21st century through engaging children in excellent learning opportunities. The childrens learning program is planned and implemented using the International Early Years Curriculum and the Indonesian National Curriculum.

The International Early Years Curriculum is an Inquiry based curriculum that focuses on topics that interest young children. Teachers are trained in understanding how children best learn and are then supported in engaging children in learning. The IEYC develops children that love learning and are socially competent.

The Indonesian National Curriculum also requires teachers to plan for and asses childrens learning. The National Curriculum outline many competencies that children are expected to reach and RTA ensures children meet and often exceed expectations.

Classrooms are designed in a way that invite children to be active learners. Learning resources are chosen to enhance childrens interests and add complexity to their thinking.
Royal Tots Academy encourage Parents to be positively engaged in children learning. Parents are invited to attend exit points. Exit Points are a celebration of the childrens learning over the term. Parents are also invited to performances, meetings, termly morning teas and field trips. Parents attend termly Parent Teacher Conferences where childrens progress is discussed.
We are continually reviewing ways we can improve childrens learning and support parents. This commitment to ongoing self-review and whole school improvement will lead to the best learning outcomes for children.