History of Royal Tots Academy

In july 2010, royal tots academy preschool began with 10 students in Jakarta, Kuningan. In April 2015, the school has grown to more than 200 students due to strong leadership, excellent educatonal programs and learning focused teaching teams.

RTA started 5 years ago with a vision of where childrenare nurtured and celebrated their character developed.

Along the way, RTA students numbers have been gradually growing.

In RTA, we see tremendous potential in each child. We encourage the children to develop theirtalents and becomethe best they can be.

In early 2011, RTA has graduated 5 little stars who we believe will contribute a great deal to the society and have a huge impacton the future of our nation.

RTA’s journey continues to graduate more stars. This has been achieved through on going support and trust given to us from parents.

It is not easy for parents to hand their child to others to care for and educate. We thank you for the huge amount of trust you show in us. Together we develop your children into bright shining stars.

We thank you for makin RTA making your partner in your child’s education.

On 2015 RTA is moving to its very own purpose built school. Built by the best architect Linea Marca and the best contractor Inti Indah. RTA start building the school from ground.