Parenting Tips: First Time At School

The first time a parent leaves a child at school is never easy, especially for first-time parents. Its not easy for the child, and its not easy for the parents as well. The following are tips to help make the transition smooth for both you and your child.


  1. Help your child understand what is going to happen

A child who is going to school for the very first time will go from an environment where they are comfortable and surrounded by people they are very familiar with, to an environment that is completely new, filled with people they have never met before.

It will help your child cope with this big change if you sit your child down and explain to them what will happen to them at school. Tell them, as best as you can, step by step, whats going to happen the moment you leave the house, until the moment they are going to be picked up.

2. Develop a parting routine

Having a parting routine lets the child know that you will be leaving them, so that the separation doesnt happen suddenly for the child. You can start by giving them a hug, telling them you love them, and that you will see them later. Stick to the routine every day so that your child will always know what to expect.

3. Dont sneak out

Some parents think that if they leave without their child seeing them that this will prevent the child from crying, but this only serves to confuse the child. Instead, directly talking to them and letting them know that you are leaving them will make it easier for them to accept. They will probably still cry, but this way its less confusing for them.

4. Dont be late to pick your child up from school

Picking up your child on time every day reinforces to your child that you have not abandoned them at school and will be back for them.

5. Give your child lots of love and attention

First-time schoolers will experience some stress as they adjust to their new environment. As your childs teacher helps your child to settle and feel more comfortable at school, you can do your part by supporting your child. Once they have left school, they will seek lots of attention from you. Help them unwind and relax, laugh with them, cuddle with them, whatever works.


All children eventually settle into the routine of school, and separation from you will become easier over time. We hope these tips come in handy!

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