Royal Tots Cooking Tips: How To Cut Meat

Tips for Cutting the Right Meat to Get Tender After Cooking

Many of you may have tasted or ate steak. Is the steak that you eat is soft or even hard?

If it turns out the meat is hard, it means wrong in cutting. Properly cut steak meat will produce tender and tender meat. Beef has a fiber that is bigger and thicker when compared with chicken or other meat. This is because the texture of beef is harder. It takes the right meat-cutting technique to produce tender meat. The first step before cutting the meat is, first clean the fat or fiber attached to the meat. Then cut the meat by fighting the direction of the meat fibers. Cutting in the direction of the meat fibers will make the meat tough when it is cooked. When chewing it will require more effort to destroy the fiber.

In contrary if we cut it with the opposite direction of the meat fibers. When eaten it will feel soft because the fiber on the meat will be easily destroyed. Some parts of the meat there are formed more than one muscle of meat or more. So all we have to do is separate the membrane first every muscle, then after that the meat is cut across the direction of the meat fiber. The identification of the fibers in the flesh can be seen, as there is a form like a line creeping in a particular direction. Use a meat cutter to cut the meat. The opposite position with the meat fibers is then sliced thinly.

So tips on how to cut the meat to soft. Hopefully it can be useful for all of you.